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Positive Education
Our unique evidence based positive education programmes have been proven to have a positive effect on young people suffering from a number problems relating to poor emotional health and mental wellbeing. They are capable of reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety to below the clinical levels,reducing negative thinking and reduce the use of the harmful coping mechanisms some young people use to deal with these issues. we have a range of options for commisioners, schools and organisations.

We train school staff, youth workers, support workers and anyone who works with young people in skills and tools which help them feel confident to promote and protect the emotional health and mental wellbeing of young people. We are the leading organisation in the UK pioneering the use of positive psychology coaching with vulnerable young people. 

Positive Psychology Coaching
Young people need someone to talk to and guide them through the challenges of life. Areas such as relationships, family, peer pressure, exam stress and big decisions about the future can make life challenging. Many young people are struggling to cope. Our specialist 1-2-1 coaching support can motivate, inspire and support young people become resilient, independent and confident.

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