FREE Community Yoga & Wellbeing Sessions

In 2021 we appointed Lucianne as our health and wellbeing coordinator. Thanks to funding from the Leicestershire and Rutland Communities Foundation our wellbeing initiative has taken shape and we have been able to provide many more months of wellbeing sessions surrounding yoga, mindfulness and other therapeutic sessions that we can offer for free to the community.

All health and wellbeing sessions listed below are completely free of charge to attend in Coalville.

These specialised sessions are a great opportunity for anyone in the area who wants to boost their physical and emotional health, manage stress or join a healthy support network and come together to create a circle of people who care and support each other.


Mindful Mondays - Mondays 10.30am - 11.30am

This session aims to provide a workout for both the body and the mind, incorporating group sharing and touching on different topics to help those within the group achieve greater self awareness and replace destructive habits with healthy, healing choices. As well as a physical practice we use embodiment practices to help people find presence in their day to day life.

Chair Yoga - Mondays 12.15pm - 1.05pm

This chair yoga class is a chance for those with physical limitations to take part in a full yoga class where we work on releasing and stretching and strengthening muscles in the upper body and working on core activation. We then work on some more slow, mindful movement bringing elements of Thai chi and finish with deep breathing exercises and meditation.

Meditative Yoga - Fridays 5.00pm - 6.00pm

Focus on achieving deep relaxation and focussed attention through meditation. Relaxation and meditation are given more time and space than in a normal yoga class, so that students can explore this part of their yoga practice in an accessible way.

*Please note, All our groups and sessions run term-time only.

If you'd like to book on you can call Lucianne on 07463 945 673


''These sessions really helped me look inward and evaluate what changes I can make to improve my wellbeing. Lucianne is the embodiment of self-awareness and very knowledgeable on her craft. Thank you!" - Susan Palmer


The centre also holds drop in Neighbourhood Mental Health Cafés three days per week which is a great space to unload and regather your thoughts. You'll meet with trained practitioners who want to listen and advise you on practical support tools, useful resources and services available.

The Neighbourhood Mental Health Cafés are part of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s local support for people who need immediate help with their mental health. The cafes are drop in centres for anyone to come and talk to us about their mental health – no appointment needed.



Other FREE sessions

happening weekly at

The Marlene Reid Centre!


  • Neighbourhood Mental Health Café
  • Chair Yoga
  • Yoga Social



  • Alcohol Support Group



  • Neighbourhood Mental Health Café
  • Sewing Sewcial Group
  • Inclusive Arts
  • Quiet Crafts



  • Neighbourhood Mental Health Café
  • Meditative Yoga


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