MRC Community Action @Marlene Reid Centre: Keeping You Safe


MRC Community Action @Marlene Reid Centre: Keeping You Safe


Here at MRC Community Action we put the community first.

MRC Community Action at the Marlene Reid Centre will remain open at this time, together with Little Dragon’s Den, The Attic, The Furniture Warehouse and our new Belvoir Road Shop.

We have not been advised to take any specific action other than the advice that the Government has published.

We would like to reassure you that your health and welfare and that of our employees and volunteers, is our priority.

We recognise that coronavirus (COVID-19) is producing a lot of uncertainty regarding all businesses at the minute. Due to this we would like to inform you of the actions we have taken.



• Enhanced deep cleaning management

• Handwashing facilities are available throughout the building

• Being vigilant and thorough when it comes to all hygiene regulations already in place



• Use a tissue or sleeve to cover coughs and sneezes then put used tissues in the bin

• Washing our hands regularly

• Avoid touching nose, mouth or eyes

• Try and avoid direct contact with people who are poorly



• Do not bring a child or person that is ill or has a temperature to the centre

• Make use of the facilities to clean your hands and those of your child or children

• Be attentive in your health routines and follow guidance


All information is correct at time of issuing. However this is subject to change in line with government guidance.

For more information, please read the guidelines set by the government

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