School Uniform Appeal

A new kind of collection this year at MRC - The School Uniform Appeal 2021

We're looking for donations of any good quality items of clothing for primary and secondary pupils (with or without logos) in order to provide numerous pop up uniform stalls on each Wednesday throughout August. Many local families do not have the transport to go to large shopping centres or the funds to give all of their children the necessities they deserve. Many of the budgeting strategies families employ have become impossible during lockdown. Uniform is an additional financial pressure that pushes some deeper into hardship, but high uniform costs were a problem before the pandemic too. We plan to tackle poverty here in North West Leicestershire by reusing and recycling as many items as possible to people who need our support.

Trousers, jumpers, blazers, you name it - we'll accept it!

We're even welcoming donations of any good condition school bags, lunch boxes and accessories.

Call on 01530 510515 to make a donation to our quick, convenient donation station and enable your old uniform a new home! 


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